Saturday, April 02, 2011

This election will be decided on the ground

I went to my local Liberal candidate's campaign office this morning to give her a big fat monetary political contribution.  I no longer have the time in my busy life to actually volunteer so I now just give them money.  I will be doing the same for the national campaign.

I arrived at the office just before the candidate was heading out to do some canvassing.  She had a good team to accompany her, she also had other teams that were going canvassing without her and the telephone canvassing stations were all occupied.  Since I was there, and not being a stranger to campaign offices, I took a quick look around and noticed that she already has over two dozen volunteers for e-day.  Just a week in and already that many have decided to take part in the GOTV effort on May 2.  Impressive.

This is just one local campaign but we may be seeing signs of it being more widespread by the size of the crowds coming out to see Mr. Ignatieff at his campaign stops.  Make no mistake, these people are not ordinary Canadians.  They are Liberal partisans, probably working for a local campaign in the area.  So, if Mr. Ignatieff can draw almost a 1000 people in say, Winnipeg, that probably means that the local campaigns in that city and the surrounding area are seeing a good turnout of volunteers.

The national campaign is important but as 2008 demonstrates without a good ground game to pull the vote you will not see success.

The first week of the national campaign was encouraging.  Seeing the crowds that Mr. Ignatieff has been speaking to and the buzz I saw today at my local candidate's office is also encouraging that the ground game for the Liberals will be much better than the last two elections.


Blogger Pamela said...

Had a similar experience today when I visited campaign headquarters of Kyle Peterson Lib. candidate in Newmarket Aurora. Lots of enthusiasm and folks wanting to help. I have the time so I have volunteered my time as well as donation and lawn sign. I believe that you are right, "This election will be decided on the ground".

April 02, 2011 5:25 PM  

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