Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Fill out your Census Form

I received my a letter yesterday asking me to complete the Census and it gave me the opportunity to do it on-line.

I typed in the access code and then complete it.  It took me 7 minutes to complete for a family of two.

After I submitted it I was informed that I was chosen to complete the new National Household Survey and that I could complete it right then.  I did and it took me 40 minutes to complete the information for my wife and I.

The interface was good and easy to use and there were plenty of instruction.  The one time I did make a mistake the application popped an error message and let me go back to fix it.

I know alot of Liberals and progressives reacted very negatively to the government's decision to eliminate the long form census last summer so I would urge you to put your money where your keyboard is and complete the Census asap.  And if you are chosen for the National Household Survey complete it as well.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

You do not owe anything to Canadians Mr. Ignatieff

Since nobody else will probably do it I am going to pay tribute to Mr. Ignatieff and provide him with some parting advice.

Mr. Ignatieff had the attributes that could have made him a fine PM.  There is no doubting his abilities and brilliance as one does not become the head of one of the most prestigious departments of one of the most prestigious universities in the world by being a dolt.  I believe his natural abilities combined with his life experience would have put him in good stead for dealing with the myriad issues that are facing Canada and that are being largely ignored by our out of touch political elite.

What I found most impressive about him was his choice of how he wanted to serve Canada and Canadians when he decided to return to Canada. 

Considering his background and where he was coming from Canadian universities like McGill, Queens, U of T, etc. would have been falling over themselves to offer him the presidencies of those institutions if he would have let it be known that he was available.  He could have shaped the young minds of Canadians for years or he could have gone into business or some other vocation that would have allowed him to influence Canadian society without having to expose himself to the bullshit of the rotted political culture in this country.

Instead of taking that route he decided to go into politics.  I cannot think of a more thankless job than being a politician.  The hours are long and you have to give up anything resembling a private life.  Every so often you have to overcome the ignorance and apathy of the electorate just to hang on to your job.  This is true even if you are just a back bencher.  If you actually manage to take the helm of a political party you then have to deal with the fact that a significant number of people will think you are an asshole, and that is just amongst members of your own party.  Your opponents from other political parties would use much stronger language to describe your perceived shortcomings.

Despite this Mr. Ignatieff decided to to serve Canadians by being an elected member of our Parliament and then the leader of a major political party.  And he was we resoundingly reputiated and rejected by those he wished to serve.

So Mr. Ignatieff, here is my advice.  You have resigned as leader of the Liberal Party and you do not seem to be someone who wants to go off into a quiet retirement so find yourself a new challenge where ever you can find it.  If that means that you have to leave the country again then sobeit.  Certainly, many will crow that they were right about you but who cares.  Canadians rejected you so you owe them nothing.  Go and live the rest of your life where ever is best for you.

While you are there think about us here back in Canada and lament the fact that your experience will act as a cautionary tale for any other capable men and women, from all points political spectrum, and will cause them to think twice before deciding to serve their people and country as elected official.  Thus leaving us to be governed by navel gazing professional politicians and hacks, with no vision, no scruples and no skills outside of being able to play politics.