Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The genius of Stephen Harper

I now believe I know Stephen Harper's plan for winning this election.  It is to run a campaign filled with so many gaffes, mistakes and errors that the war rooms of the other parties will not be able to keep up.

Afterall, just in the last two days the Conservative campaign has had revelations that it is using Facebook to screen out undesirables from their rallies.  This is still ungoing as more people who have been victimized by this are coming forward.  Then there is the ungoing Bruce Carson saga and the questions of if Stephen Harper knew he was a five time convicted felon when Mr. Harper tagged him as a senior advisor.  These two events are on top of the other stuff we saw during week one.

This is very clever of the Conservatives.  In fact it is genius.  Keep your opponents off balance by running a lousy campaign.  It is so crazy it might just work.  As well, it gives the Conservatives the added benefit of hiding the fact that they do not have anything they can campaign on, at least not for this campaign.  The 2015 campaign, they have it covered, but this campaign the cupboard is bare. 

Genius I tell you. 

Note:  In case anybody does not realize it my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek for this post.  So, on a more serious note has anybody noticed that the media are no longer talking about "coalitions" and they are no longer using the phrase "Conservative majority government"?  The two key messages of the Conservatives have beem stomped on by their own ineptitude.  Can the Conservative advantage in the polls be maintained if this continues?


Blogger Marshall said...

The more the press ask him five questions a day about some Facebook thing instead of his record the less he has to defend his record as Prime Minister because questions about his record aren't being asked.

This is all a strategy and he is playing the media and bloggers like they are puppets on a string.

April 06, 2011 7:37 PM  
Blogger ottlib said...

Wow, I publish a post in jest and someone actually takes it seriously.

Yep, tanking your own campaign is the road to success. Keep believing that dude.


April 06, 2011 10:06 PM  

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