Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Four questions per day?

Word out of the Conservative campaign is Stephen Harper is now only going to answer four questions per day.  At any other time I would find such a report as lacking credibility.  However, Stephen Harper has a history of running away form situations when he finds it getting too hot, from not answering journalists' questions to proroguing Parliament.

In one of my previous posts I asked how the media would play this election.  I stated that they would side with the campaign they believed had the greatest chance of winning.  As I said, the corporate bosses of the MSM will want to be on the good side of the victor.

I am certain that the journalists on the Conservative Leader's campaign tour are not too enamoured with these new restrictions on them.  I am also certain that some of them will see this a blood on the water.  However, I believe they will bide their time for another few days.  If the Conservative campaign continues to stumble and if polls begin to show the Liberals closing the gap then we may see the media turn against the Conservatives, possibly with gusto.

This really turning into an interesting election.


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