Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well, that was predictable

Why did I do it? Why did I bother checking to see the media reaction to the deal made yesterday by Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Harper?

As I stated yesterday I knew what there reaction would be but I still took a look. Silly me.

As I predicted much of our MSM claimed that Mr. Ignatieff caved and was weak for not forcing an election. Of course, less than 48 hours ago that same MSM was shouting that Canadians did not want an election. The loudest of which were the members who support the Conservatives. They knew that an election this summer would have led to a Liberal victory as did most of the rest of the chattering class. So their concern about a summer election was not about saving Canadians from the trouble but to allow the Conservatives to hang on for a few more months.

The level of dishonesty of our MSM is breathtaking. I used to believe that they were just lazy but more and more I believe they just do not have any scruples.

As well, they do not even try to hide it which shows an amazing level of cynism and contempt for the intelligence of Canadians. Do they think Canadians would have forgotten what they said less than two days ago? Judging by what I read today I guess the answer is yes.

One story that has been percolating for months, if not years, has been the decline of the MSM as the main news source for people. All of them are losing audience with the resulting fall in advertizing revenue. Tell me you yahoos have you ever thought that there may be a co-relation between your obvious contempt for your audience and your problems maintaining your audiences and advertizing dollars? Maybe the journalist don't see it but you would think the suits in the front offices would.

Then again, maybe the stupidity of our MSM has its roots in the abject stupidity of those running the MSM organizations.


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