Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Police Shootings in Dallas

The police shootings in Dallas are tragic and they should be condemned on so many levels.

However, no one should be surprised by them.  There have been countless instances of white police officers shooting mostly unarmed black men and not suffering any consequences for their actions.  Are people really surprised that in the racially charged atmosphere of the US that some angry blacks would not seek revenge?

The fact it took this long surprises me but not that fact it happened.  As well, my guess is this was probably not the last of such attacks.  There is great potential for things to get very nasty in the United States.

As well, I have read some media commentators, both here in Canada and the US, and I am surprised that they now seem to have just realized that there is a problems between the black communities of the US and law enforcement.  For the many times mostly young black men died at the hands of most white police officers these media commentators did not see a major problem but when a black gunman decides to specifically target white police officers there is SUDDENLY a huge problem.  

It speaks volumes to the blindness (and perhaps just a little racism) of much of the media to the real problems facing society and the world. It is the same blindness that caused them to declare 9/11 as a world changing event. Islamic terrorism had been a scourge on the world for many decades before that but until those Saudi citizens flew a couple of wide bodies jets into the sides of the World Trade Centre and the Pentigon very few North American media commentators noticed.  They finally did notice and we have been living with the consequences ever since.


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