Monday, May 23, 2016

Changing How We Vote

The government has set up a special committee to deliberate on a new way for voters to choose their government.  I personally do not believe our way of choosing a government needs to be changed but the Liberals did make a promise and I guess we should not be too surprised that they have decided to keep that promise.

Predictably the other parties have staked out positions that are case studies for political hypocrisy.

The NDP are insisting on some form of proportional representation.  They state that it is the "most democratic" method of choosing a government.  Of course, the fact that proportional representation tends to produce perennial coalition governments and the fact that historical voting patterns would make the NDP the kingmaker AFTER EVERY ELECTION is never mentioned by them.  They claim that they only have the voters needs in mind and they have never even considered the huge advantage it would give their party.

The Conservatives insist on a referendum because something as fundamental as how we vote should not just be left to politicians.  To do otherwise is undemocratic.  This from a party that until about seven months ago lead one of the most undemocratic governments in Canadian history.  The fact that they believe such a referendum would result in maintaining the status quo and the fact that they believe the only way they can ever win government again is to maintain that status quo is never mentioned.  

The Liberals would prefer some sort of ranked ballot as the means for voting.  The other parties accuse the Liberals of being self-interested because they believe, as do the Liberals, that such a system would give a big advantage to the Liberal Party in future elections. 

They are probably right.  Such a system would be an advantage to the Liberals...until it wasn't.  

You see, Canadians are much smarter than the people we elect to govern us.  Canada has become the prosperous, tolerant and globally respected country that it is DESPITE its politicians not because of them.  So, when the time comes that Canadians collectively decide to change their government they will do so regardless of the voting method put in front of them.

So, if we have to change the way we vote then let's just get it over with.  Go through the motions but in the end the Liberals should just choose their option and be done with it.


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