Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I was wrong

When the Quebec election began I truly believed that the PQ would win it and most likely a majority government.  I even believed that after what was a rather bad first 7 days of the campaign.  The reason was simple.  I did not believe that Quebecers would elect another Liberal government just 18 months after turfing the scandal ridden Liberal government of Mr. Charest.

Of course this was all before the PQ conducted an election campaign which will appear in political science textbooks as a case study of how NOT to run an election campaign.

I watched some of the coverage on the CBC last night and after all of the drama was sucked out of evening they naturally turned to how this election would impact the federal scene.  I do not believe any of them said anything of value on that issue because we just do not know.  It was nice for them to speculate but they really did not add much to the understanding of what was happening last night.

About the only thing that can be said with any certainty is that Mr. Trudeau stated awhile ago that Quebecers would reject the Quebec Values Charter and they did.  Then again, it could have been they just rejected Madame Marois and the Charter just went down with her.

At any rate Canada and Canadians benefitted the most from last night's results and I really do not care how they might have been politically beneficial to the federal leaders.


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