Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It would only be fair

When it was alleged that an aide to Dalton McGuinty had deleted e-mails regarding the gas plant decision Conservative commentators howled and continue to howl in outrage over the allegations.  You would think that Mr. McGuinty had been revealed to be a reptilian kitten eater or something.

So can we now expect the same outrage from these Conservative commentators now that it has been alleged that Senator Wallin changed hundreds of entries regarding her travel schedule in her Outlook account during the audit of her travel expenses? 

Both could be construed as attempts to cover up wrong doing. 

My question is rhetorical of course.  I already know the answer. 

Full disclosure.  I do not believe that either Mr. McGuinty's aide or the Senator intentionally attempted to hide anything.  Their actions were not taken for some nefarious reason.  In all likelihood they probably did not really think that much about their actions at all.  I have read the explanations from the two of them and in both cases they are logical.  In the case of the McGuinty aide, he was out of a job so it made sense to clean out your e-mail before leaving your office.  I have had to do that on a number of occasions myself.  As for the Senator, cleaning up your schedule to facilitate an audit, seemingly at the request of the auditor and after being told that the original full schedule had been backed up and delivered to the auditor, seems reasonable. 


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