Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Liberals did not blow the Calgary Centre By-election

Three reasons why they did not.

1)  The by-election was in Calgary Centre, in Alberta.

2)  The by-election was in Calgary Centre, in Alberta.

3)  The by-election was in Calgary Centre, in Alberta.

Any Liberal who really believed that the Liberals could really take that seat from the Conservatives is truly delusional.  I would point out that at no time during the by-election was there any indications that the Liberals were leading in the riding.  There were indications that they were close, much closer than the Conservatives felt comfortable with I am certain, but they never closed the gap completely.

Of course, this does not stop many Liberals from wingeing and crying about how they blew it.  It is pathetic really.

The Liberal Party needs to renew itself to become relevant in Canadian federal politics again, that is a fact.  However, just as important, they need to regain the old confidence that they used to have.  There have been times, in the not too distant past, when the house was burning down around the Liberals and they would still exude a confidence, bordering on arrogance and that contributed to them escaping the problem(s) unscathed or bouncing back from them quickly.  Canadians might say they dislike arrogance in their politicians but the most successful ones in our history have had a healthy dose of it because quite frankly Canadians trust a leader and a party with a certain swagger over ones lacking that trait or perceived to be lacking that trait.  If anybody really believes that Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien and Stephen Harper enjoyed the success they did because people liked them and thought they were paragons of humility they are nuts.

I stated this before but I will state it again.  Liberals, stop buying what your opponents and the media are selling.  You have to stop validating the crap spewing from them.  None of your opponents are doing so why are you?  Stop validating the narrative against you change the narrative. 

Wingeing and crying after a loss of a by-election that the Liberals never really had a chance of winning is not the way Liberals are going to demonstrate to Canadians that they have the confidence necessary to run this country.


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