Friday, February 24, 2012


My two cents on the Robocall troubles that have hit the Conservatives in the last couple of days.

The fact that Stephen Harper had to answer questions about the actions of the Conservatives the day after the story broke and the fact that records show that his personal campaign paid money to Racknine is cause for concern for the Conservatives.  When PMs become personally involved in potential scandals it usually is not a good thing for the party at large.

Considering these robocalls occured in up to 27 ridings it is very implausible that a single campaign working, working on a local campaign, could have found the time and the resources to pull this off by himself.  Anybody with any knowledge of how the nitty gritty of electoral politics in the country works would know this.

I include the media in that group so I wonder if they will pursue the truth of this scheme with as much vim and vigour as they pursued the truth in past Liberal government scandal?  I am not holding my breath.


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