Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gary Bettman and the NHL are idiots

It is absolutely amazing that these yahoos can decide to reject a potential owner who has plans to move a failing hockey team to a better market while accepting a potential owner who wants to keep the team in a city where it is losing money hand over fist.

According to reports the Coyotes have lost 10s of millions of dollars since the team was established in Phoenix. To think the new owner will be able to change that is ludicrous. Which means, according to the rules of the NHL, the other teams will be bailing this team out for the forseeable future, probably to the tune of more 10s of millions of dollars.

Every dollar that goes down the desert sinkhole are dollars that do not go into the profits of the other teams. How can the board of governors of the NHL unanimously choose to maintain that position while rejecting an opportunity to reverse that and actually have that team contribute to the common pot as opposed to taking from it?

Of course, the owner they accepted will only keep the team in Phoenix for about a season before he moves it to Kansas City, another hot bed of hockey in the US.

For the life of me, if these bozos, whose combined net worth is greater than the GDP of most countries, can become billionaires by making such bonehead business decisions I am beginning to think that becoming a billionaire really is not that difficult.

Incidentally, I do not care whether Hamilton gets a team or not. I really just dislike seeing business men, who as a class, through their greed and incompetence, nearly destroyed the international financial sector, making these kinds of stupid business decisions. It really makes me wonder why so many people listen to them when it comes to making economic policy for individual countries and the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a shocker! Who ever saw this coming? All organized team sports are like country clubs. They can chose who they want to join them and who they don't like. Apparently they don't like Mr.Balsillie.

Let me make a bold prediction here Mr.Balsillie will not own an NHL team anytime soon. The only way I could seem him of being a owner is if there is no else who is interested in putting money into a team.

He has pissed off so many NHL execs that,they don't want him in their club. I'll make another prediction Molson family will own the Canadians with out any problems whats so ever.

July 29, 2009 8:18 PM  

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