Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Someone at Liberal Party HQ is thinking

I find it interesting that there is a rumour of a cabinet shuffle tomorrow so the Liberals release the "tax cut" portions of their tax shift plan today.

It virtually guarantees headlines about Liberal tax cuts tomorrow.

Now if Stephen Harper does announce a cabinet shuffle tomorrow it will drown out the "tax increase" portion of the plan, somewhat, when it is released.

So now Stephen Harper has a choice. Have the rumoured cabinet shuffle or wait until after the plan is completely released giving the plan two solid days of wall-to-wall media coverage. That after all is all the Liberals can hope for from this announcement. Coverage of the plan will quickly fade as the summer progesses.

Either way however, the Liberals have wrong footed the Conservatives by giving them two equally bad choices of what to do tomorrow.

So what is it going to be Mr. Harper?

Allow the complete release of the Liberal tax shift plan and the resulting indepth media coverage? Or to put it another way, allow the Liberals to create that all important first impression of the plan.


Use your cabinet shuffle to shift some of the attention to you but at the cost of competing with the release of some of the more controversial aspects of the Liberal tax shift plan? That certainly would take some of the Liberal thunder but not before Canadians hear about planned Liberal tax cuts.

Back to you Chess Master.


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