Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What the...!?

Brian Mulroney and his backers must really think Canadians are not very bright to use this defence of him taking money from Mr. Schreiber.

Mr. Mulroney was wealthy before he became PM and then he took a job with a salary of 250K and perks that equal more than 150K a year. How could anybody who spends eight years earning that salary with no mortgage, with no need to pay for gas, groceries, commercial airfare, work cloths, haircuts, utilities and a whole host of other perks be broke at the end of his term?

There were persistant rumours that Mila Mulroney loved her shoes but could she seriously have spent $2 million dollars on shoes?

This issue had pretty much migrated to the back burner. It boggles my mind that Mr. Mulroney and his backers would revive it by making such silly claims.


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