Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Conservatives are becoming desperate, Part 2

If we needed further proof of this we need look no further than the CTV website which is running a story about how the Conservatives will be running attack ads against Stephane Dion next Sunday.

Attack ads can be effective, otherwise politicians would not resort to them. However, they are a high risk proposition and the fact the Conservatives want to resort to them now is telling.

I give a possible reason for this desperation in my previous post but I think this new strategy indicates another factor in Conservative thinking. They do not expect to get much political mileage out of the budget.

Considering that it will be an election budget full of spending commitments and tax cuts it is interesting that they feel the need to use attack ads leading up to it.

On a technical note if someone out there would be kind enough to give me instructions on how to insert links into the text of my posts that would be great. I have figured out how to link other sites in my posts but all I get are the URLs and you know how long some of them can be. I have tried figuring it out for myself but to no avail. Thanks folks.


Blogger EX-NDIP said...

When the MSM won't or can't report on Dion's pathetic record . . . guess you have to buy the time yourself.
Did they make any of this up???
What part of critical thinking did you miss at college???
Dion was a joke as enviro minister . . . . and he will be a bigger joke as LPC leader . . . . what will be his next gig . . . pres of France???

January 28, 2007 2:05 PM  
Blogger Darren McEwen said...

Ex-ndip must be working overtime today having to go to every single Liberal blog where the attack ads are mentioned and spinning like a top.

January 28, 2007 2:12 PM  

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