Friday, June 30, 2006

Justice Minister Breaks Silence on SSM

This headline appears in the on-line version of The Montreal Gazette:

Toews says same-sex reference to Supreme Court was politically motivated error

I have been wondering how long the soc-con wing of the Conservative Party would stay quiet over this issue.

Considering every speech and statement made by a Cabinet Minister has to be vetted by the PMO, Mr. Toews' statements raises a couple of questions and possibilities.

Is he reflecting the opinion of Stephen Harper?

Or another more intriguing thought. The soc-cons are biding their time until the Conservatives achieve a majority governement. That goal took two hits in the last week. Mr. Harper flubbing the "Quebec Nation" question in the Quebec separatist heartland and the first inklings of a party financing scandal that looks like it may have some legs.

Could it be that some in the soc-con wing of the party believe that they need to begin acting on their agenda because they believe a majority is already out of reach?

In all likelyhood Mr. Harper managed to impose discipline on the more loony elements of his party by promising them the opportunity to pursue their agenda if the Conservatives win a majority governement. If that wing of the party begins to believe that he will be unable to deliver on that promise, they will begin to cause him problems again.


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